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Which Air Hockey Table Is Right For Me?

Posted on April 13, 2023 by Gregg Aristizabal

Because the popularity of the overall game of air hockey is continuing to grow immensely, consumers is now able to buy an air hockey table in a variety of different sizes & forms.

A standard air hockey table is simply as the name implies: a stand-alone unit with two paddles or strikers and two pucks. Most of them will be the same ones you see in your neighborhood arcade or game shop. These arcade-style units include an electronic scoring module that automatically tabulates each goal as long as you're playing. According to the size and price, each unit includes its distinct features. Some air hockey tables include several blowers or motors for maximum ventilation, which markedly improves the speed of which the puck can glide over the ice. Others might include more exotic features, such as for example glow-in-the dark capabilities by way of a blacklight system. Everything depends upon what you are considering: a grandmother searching for a toy on her behalf 11 year old grandson may not necessarily want or need all the features that include the advanced air hockey tables that professionals & bar owners need. Furthermore, standalone tables often require at the very least some assembly: something for you personally parents to bear in mind.

A table top unit however, is a lot smaller when compared to a full size unit and was created to be create on table or countertop surfaces. Therefore, the overall game (and its own accompanying parts) are much smaller compared to the normal sized units. A unit such as this is probably a lot more ideal for a younger child or someone just learning the overall game of air hockey since it is a lot easier for youngers to obtain a handle on.

There may also be combination units that combine air hockey with other games, such as for example ping-pong or pool on a single table. All you have to accomplish is flip the tabletop to another side, and you also have two games in a single. It's easier than you may think and purchasing a table such as this saves money and time, since you need not buy separate units for every game and subsequently find room in your basement or rec room to place those games (which if you are attempting to create the best game room, is just about the most challenging part. These units come pre-packaged with all the current equipment for either game and our sometimes made out of different wood finishes, which means that the machine will merge with the environment of one's bar or game room in the home.